Just “Foo” You Westboro Baptist

19 09 2011
Courtesy of FLC (Flickr)


  You might wonder how Westboro Baptist Church is connected to ’90s rock; well, it isn’t directly. However, there is a fun-loving powerhouse of a rock band from the ’90s and today that has recently established a new relationship with the so-called church. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Foo Fighters.

   Foo Fighters formed in 1994 with Dave Grohl, the epitome of a rock star, in control of things. Like all the other alternative bands from the ’90s, the Foo Fighters had something to say then, and has something to say now. Just for the record, the Foo Fighters have always been among my ‘fav 5.’ There are basically three reasons for this; Dave Grohl is the “Chuck Norris” of music, the band’s energy is simply contagious and its music is transcendent. It’s quite possible that they might have moved up a couple of spots on my list after the little pre-concert performance last week.

     On Friday, the Foo Fighters were in Kansas City, MO for a concert stop and had a little something hidden up the sleeve for the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. The church was protesting the concert claiming that the entertainment industry promotes “fornication, adultery, idols and fags.” Just prior to the show, the Foo Fighters came rolling up on the back of a flatbed truck with American flags proudly hanging off of the sides. The band then began to serenade the picketers with its comical country-style song “Hot Buns,” which contains lyrics like, “think I’m in the mood for some hot man muffins.” 

     Both the song and the video are hilarious, and how the Foo Fighters went about confronting these extremists was genius. But most importantly, Dave Grohl gave Westboro Baptist a little reminder that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave during a short instrumental break.  He explained freedom of choice and how it takes all kinds of people for everything to work. This is why I found this to be so compelling.  The delivery was unpredictable and genius because the effort to simply tell these protesters that they are idiots is obviously futile. What’s a better way to make a statement then by blasting music at them that goes against everything they stand for, which is all bogus anyway. Plus, when you’re the Foo Fighters, everyone is going to listen.

     For the sake of all our fallen heroes and their families, let’s continue to make Westboro’s protests tougher and tougher to carry out.  Thanks to all the groups that counter protest this church. It really makes a huge difference. And to the Foo Fighters, keep on keepin’ it clean!



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