Rockin’ the Bayou; Geaux Gin Blossoms

8 11 2011

    In the midst of some climatic and geologic chaos in Oklahoma, I did manage to find some good news. 1.The world,of course, is not ending tomorrow; 2.the Gin Blossoms are still playing shows. What’s the best news? The show was free. The band, best known for its ’90s peak and second album New Miserable Experience, played at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA, this past Sunday.

    Coastal Commercial Bank sponsored the show, and If I wasn’t a broke college student, I might have just drove down to the ol’ bayou for a hell of a time. Gin Blossoms, who arguably paved the way for bands like Third Eye Blind, formed in the mid to late ’80s and has produced 5 albums; the second one getting the most attention. Just for the record, if you haven’t listened to the song Hey Jealousy from this album,(originally recorded on the first album), then I suggest you do so stat. It’s simple, impressionable and catchy, and I’m sure 99 percent of the population has heard it. Don’t be the 1 percent that hasn’t.

     I think it’s great that I still hear about some of my favorite bands of the ’90s playing shows, no matter how big or how small. Gin Blossoms isn’t as well known as Foo Fighters or RHCP, but the band is still putting on shows for a reason; it’s a great band! Pick up its newest album No Chocolate Cake, and let’s bring back the ’90s.



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