“Meet Me at Zuccotti Park.”

28 11 2011

     Well, I haven’t heard much from Third Eye Blind lately, but the band is making some noise now. On Nov. 16, the band released its latest single called “If There Ever Was a Time.” The inspiration for it;  the Occupy Wall Street movement. The band hopes to “flood the movement with music.” With phrases like, “where are the youth we need you now,” and, “a tear gas can in a veteran’s face, won’t change the case,” it’s easy to see the band’s stance on what’s going on.

     Third eye blind is one of those bands that is easily recognized. I think the main reason is because all of its music is catchy and simple, in most cases. “If There Ever Was a Time” has the typical Third Eye Blind sound, but there is a difference between this song and most of its others.

         Sometimes Third Eye Blind’s lyrics are pretty abstract, and it’s hard to get the message or meaning of its different songs. It is just one of those bands that has such catchy music, sometimes the lyrics aren’t really important. However, this song has a very clear message, it’s easy to understand and the lyrics paint a picture. There is a movement going on, and the band wants to do its part to be part of it. 

         If you haven’t heard this new single, I suggest you check it out. If you are pro OWS movement, it may inspire you. If not, again, it may inspire you. Music can be pretty powerful, so don;t underestimate it. Take a listen.



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