The ’90s in Norman

4 02 2012

I know I typically post about well-known bands and what they are doing now, but for the first post of the new year I want to focus on something different. After reading about this band, I wanted to share for all of the other ’90s fans out there because it’s hard to find any bands that center on ’90s rock anymore.

 I’m not too familiar with them, but that is  soon to change. The name is ‘My So Called Band,’  and it is a bar band. I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to hear a ’90s set list played at a bar being that I wasn’t 21 in the ’90s; so that’s why I’m so pumped. Plus, the scene is dominated by genres like country and red dirt now, unfortunately. The Norman-based group rocked the  Oklahoma Memorial Union’s Meacham Auditorium in mid-January with a set list that included some of my favorites including songs from Nirvana, Weezer and Third Eye Blind.

I wish the best of luck to these guys because it’s no secret that some of these songs take countless hours of work. My brother played in a similar band called ‘A Moment of Clarity,’ and I witnessed a few practices when I was younger; it could get intense to say the least. I’m going to make it a priority for sure to get out and check these guys out! I encourage you to do the same. Help bring the music.



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