Just Too Many for a True Top Five

11 02 2012

Ok, so today one of my friends said, “you sure do talk quite a bit about the ’90s and the music associated with it,” and that’s true, no doubt. I thought the ’90s were great in many aspects; TV, music, family life and just the overall attitudes of people. Maybe it’s because I had a wonderful childhood. I don’t fully know.

Anyhow, my friend went on to ask me, “who are your favorite bands then?” Now this could have gone on until next July, but for time’s sake and for the sake of my friend’s ears, I managed to spit out a tentative top 5 list, although it’s impossible for me to just have a top five. I wanted to share that list on here with some reasons behind my choices.

First and foremost, Pearl Jam takes the cake. The musicians are all talented, but Eddie Vedder’s vocals are phenomenal. These guys have a ton of stay power as they are still going. They have won five American Music Awards, one Grammy and four MTV Music Awards, among others.

 Number two on the list is,(this is where it gets tough) Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ll throw a couple easy reasons out there; Flea is on the bass, and they are the best at making their abstract lyrics flow with their funky style of music. Need I say more?

Foo Fighters takes the bronze. Speaking of stay power, these guys just put out an album in 2011 that was actually one of my favorites from them. The main reason for their success; Dave Grohl, who can be thought of as the Chuck Norris of music. He does it all, and he is an amazing vocalist.

Number four and five are interchangeable in terms of playing favorites. However, they differ immensely in style. Third Eye Blind and Incubus round off my list. I love how Third Eye Blind can keep it simple and use a nice clean tone, and then switch it up with some distortion and start sounding a bit grungy. Plus, Stephan Jenkin’s voice is so unique. Incubus on theother hand, I love how they incorporate almost a futuristic sound into some of their music. Some of it is very relaxing, while some is heavy. It’s a nice balance I think.

The main reason these bands are on my top five list is because they just simply play awesome music! Here’s my favorite songs from each of the bands I named. Hope you enjoy!

Pearl JamRed Hot Chili PeppersFoo FightersThird Eye BlindIncubus



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