“Bush”wacked and Now They’re Back

16 02 2012

  Just in case you haven’t heard, Bush is most certainly back. The ’90s rock group that fired up in Britain in 1992 finally restored itself and released a new album, “Sea of Memories,” in September.  The band just shot the music video for “Baby Come Home,” which is one of the better songs off of the new CD, on Jan. 15 in Los Angeles. The release of “Sea of Memories” marks a 1o year drought, as far as Bush’s studio releases are concerned. To me, it has been a long ten years.

     Bush, who produced many chart-topping hits such as “Machinehead,” “Come Down” and “Glycerine,” along with many others, still carries the same sound on its new album that separated it from other rock groups of the ’90s. It’s also great to see that lead singer Gavin Rossdale still has his unique voice that is just scratchy enough but yet amazingly smooth at the same time. It’s the kind of voice, or better yet, the kind of music that you hear on the radio without hearing it before, and after a single syllable of a single word, it’s apparent who it is. Yea, it’s that unique.

    Rossdale, who elected to replace a member of the band when he decided to get the group back together, had some projects going on during the ten-year break. But Rossdale said he felt like Bush was what he was “basically born to be in.” During the band’s separation, Rossdale formed the group Institute, and also released a solo album called “WANDERlust.” Both the projects attained considerable success, but they can’t compare to Bush itself. Institute, also consisting of Bush guitarist Chris Traynor, actually played some of Bush’s songs live and opened for the band U2, at several of its “Vertigo Tour” venues. Rossdale’s solo album, “WANDERlust,” reached the 33rd spot on the U.S. Billboard 200. The album is highly recognized for the release of the single “Love Remains the Same.”

   I wasn’t a big fan of his solo album, but I do like Gavin Rossdale and I am ecstatic over Bush and the fact that the band has finally reunited. So, that alone probably pushed me to like the album a little more than I would have just for its sound. I have already bought the newest Bush album “Sea of Memories,” and I have to say it’s impressive, so get it and see for yourself. Each song has its own sound whether it be a somewhat fuzzy and swirly sounding guitar to a prominent bass drum with an almost somber tone.  Also, there are many rhythmic and tonal areas that refer back to ’90s Bush. All in all, it’s a great album and I would advise grabbing or downloading a copy, if you haven’t yet. With that being said, it’s great to see the band back on top of things.



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