Patience is a Virtue

26 02 2012

It appears the Foo Fighters has canceled its March 2 show at the Padang in Singapore due to a much-needed rest for Dave Grohl’s voice. All ticket holders are entitled to a full refund. Just a quick piece of advice for what to do with that refund money; SAVE IT  and be patient for when the band returns to do another show.

Trust me when I say this. I had tickets for a Foo Fighters concert in January of 2008. Grohl canceled, or shall I say postponed, due to an illness. Well, I decided that if and when the band returned, I was still going to go. Man, did I ever make the right decision!

The Foo Fighters are known to impress when playing a show, and in July of 2008 the band returned to OKC and done just that. After the opening bands played, the Foo Fighters took the stage and performed what was expected; “My Hero,” “Learn to Fly,” “Pretender,” and other chart topping hits. During the show, I noticed a huge circle on the other side of the floor in the arena with a long bridge going toward the stage. Trying to figure out what it was mind-boggling to say the least.

Half way through the first part of the set, which was incredible, Dave Grohl said, “So I’m not sick and we’re here right? You really think I would let you mfs down?” (I’ll let you figure out what mfs means.) About that time, an acoustic stage dropped from the ceiling to fill that circle. It had all of the acoustic equipment set up on it already. The band began running through the audience, up on to the bridge and then to the acoustic stage. Now the people who paid $30 for tickets, including me, just got $500, up close and personal seats. Words can’t explain the excitement.

The show would have been incredible as just a regular show. But this, the acoustic part and how the Foo Fighters suddenly became so personal with the crowd made this show. Don’t get me wrong, there were cool lighting effects and everything else that would be at a typical rock show, but this made it. The band definitely made sure to over compensate for cancelling the last show. So don’t give up on the Foo Fighters, and save that money for the next show. It will be worth it!



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